Super-Turbo Blower
Super-Turbo Blower

Super-Turbo Blower


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Disponible, assez de stock

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Description du produit

Super-Turbo Blower up to 0,8 bar from Imperial Fishing
Ideal to fill or deflate rubber boats like our iBoats or the Fender. The desired air pressure can be set at any number up to 0,8 bar. The blower stops automatically once the desired pressure has been reached.

An iBoat 320 is filled completely in a few minutes. Even the high pressure floors for the rubber boats which require 0,6-0,8 bar are no problem.

- crocodile clips for the quick connection to 12V batteries
- pump tube with fitting adapter connections for all iBoats (old or new)
- 8 additional adapters
- 2 different thicknesses of rings
- solid transport bag with seperate pouches for keeping all in its place

Short video - Super-Turbogebläse from Imperial Fishing - IN ACTION!

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