Rebelcell Chargeur 12.6V4A Li-Ion - 12V11AH / 12V18AV

Rebelcell Chargeur 12.6V4A Li-Ion - 12V11AH / 12V18AV


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Disponible, assez de stock
Disponible, assez de stock

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Description du produit

12.6V4A charger to safely and quickly charge the Rebelcell Angling 12V11 li-on battery.

12V11 Angling li-ion battery. Charging time: circa 3 hours.

- Compact and leightweight: charger weighs only 0.5 kg
- Easy to connect: through crocodile clamps the charger can be connected easily to the poles of your battery 
- Automatic swith off: no risk for overcharging. Charger switches off automatically when the battery is fully loaded.automatisch uit als de accu vol is
- Protected against reverse polarity
- 1 year warranty

Attention! The Rebelcell 12,6V4A li-on charger is only intented to be used with the 12V11 Angling li-ion battery. Read the safety warnings on the sticker attached tot the charger and read the instructions before use.