IF Combi Carpo G2 - STAHL grün
IF Combi Carpo G2 - STAHL grün
IF Combi Carpo G2 - STAHL grün
IF Combi Carpo G2 - STAHL grün

IF Combi Carpo G2 - STAHL grün


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Disponible, assez de stock
Disponible, assez de stock

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Description du produit

IF Combi Carpo G2 - Green
The new version of the best selling Rod Pods "Combi Carpo" - now available!
Only at Imperial Fishing with the curved buzzer bars!

There is no other Rod Pod which is more variable than the Combi Carpos in all situations on the water, and that with 2, 3, or 4 rods! That is why the Combi Carpo is our first choice. The small pack mass of the Combi Carpos ,fast set up time, great stability and functionality. No matter if with two, three, or four rods with a Combi Carpo you are always set for any situation on the water, and with the matching adapters you are also all set for boat fishing, for example the transom adapter you have in a matter of seconds a boat pod. The upper part can be be adjusted so that the angle can be individualy adjusted. The transition from down low with the rod tips in the watter to a high pod, takes only a matter of seconds. Nothing is worse than when traditional bank sticks are not able to get a good hold. The three legs of the „Combi“ hold fast everywhere even on a steep ledge!

Delivery Content
Delivered with the Combi Carpo G2 are curved 4er buzzer bars, which have the advantage of keeping the rod tips further apart than is possible with a straight buzzer bar. The forward buzzer bar is telescopoic so that it can be quickly adjusted for 2, 3, or 4 bite alarm set ups. The individual position of the bite alarms, and rod holders are also adjustable on the buzzer bar with the deliverd tool. The delivered legs have a length of 50cm. The are also the optional extension legs which are available in 1 or 1,5m. The Combi Carpo comes in a luxuary transport bag, with good padding, inside pockets, and a robust zipper. 

Optical highlight when fishing with three rods
The buzzer bars each have five points where the bite alarms, or rod holders can be attached. When using three rods you can place one exact in the middle, so that the rods look great. That seems to be an important point as we often receive questions as to if that is possible.

The Combi Carpo and the dream measurements of 90/60/90
90: The three legs of the Combi Carpo come delivered in 50cm. When they are fully extended they achieve a length of 90cm leg length.
60: This gives a ground clearance of of 60cm for the tripod without the seesaw installed.
90: The seesaw when level with the buzzer bars attached along with mounted bite alarms brings the heigth to 90cm.

Distance of the rod position
The buzzer bars can be set to have a distance between 80 and 140 cm over the adjustable mounting bar.

When extended the 50cm extension legs are then all 120 cm apart from one another and this gives it an enormous amount of stability.

Set up angel
A stainless steel bolt which is 10mm thick along with a top mechanism which when set will not slip when it is fixed allows the setting of the angel. By using the extension legs from 100cm to 150cm the rods can be set high. The most extreme angel is achieved when in the front there are two 150cm long legs used and in the back there is the standard 50cm standard leg. This can be seen here: "Das Experiment: Aufstellwinkel der Angelruten"

What has changed on the new model?
Main focus regarding what is different would be the two bows (front and back) which are no longer there. These were very bulky during transport and are now divided, as shown in the pictures. The buzzer bar holders (the metal tubes) are now a bit longer and very slim in transport bag. Overall, we have a slimmer pack size and a higher variabiliy in adjusting the buzzer bars in heigth.

In the end there is to say: Amiaud Combi Carpo G2, has been proven thousands of times, and is now even better.

We leave this decision to you!
While the Inox version captivates by its optical gloss, the steel version comes in the powder-coated inconspicuous shade of green and adapts to the natural environment!

VIDEO: IF Combi Carpo G2 - the best rod pod of all times?

Max Nollert talks about the new flagship, only at Imperial Fishing with the curved buzzer bars!