IB iRock Inliner - 180 g - Grès

IB iRock Inliner - 180 g - Grès


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Disponible, assez de stock

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iRock - 
„more fish, more sportive, more nice!”

Inliner 180g
- Highly patented mixture
- almost twice as heavy as conventional stone "lead" with swivels
- with 4 g / cm³ much smaller volume than weights without lead from other Manufacturers
- sinks less deeply into mud
- gets faster from the ground when taking the line in
- has more grip due to larger surface to the ground
- provides more flow resistance during the run -> better hook fit
- when jerky movements of the carp occur more uniform pulling force on the hook
- can be dipped, absorbs aroma and releases slowly
- sinks less quickly / hard on the ground than any lead of the same shape after casting 
- does not require any coating
- if they can, carp cannot longer detect lead
- Nature friendly - nontoxic - without lead or tungsten!

Leads are sometimes lost or lost in the process of fishing and remain in the water - whether we want it or not! iRock, finally are a solution when it comes to nature-conscious action AND efficient fishing!
iRock are not more expensive than traditional lead that pollute the environment!
On the contrary, for the first time nature conservation is even cheaper than natural pollution!

iRocks can also be dipped since they have been designed so that they can absorb aromas. Sounds strange to you, but that is still a hot topic in 2017 - promised!

Großes iBlog Update zu den iRocks - klick hier!

iRock has slightly more air resistance when throwing at long range.
But for the reasons mentioned above, lighter iRocks can be fished ...!
iRock Inliner wideformers, also below 100 g are under construction with Ufosinker
VIDEO: Das iRock Statement - Eigenschaften der iRock Gripper erklärt und demonstriert von Dennis Pries!
Das passende iBlog Update dazu, findest Du unter diesem Link:

Pour tous ceux qui veulent pêcher la version drop-off en ligne avec l'iRock Inliner pour perdre l'iRock le plus rapidement possible s'ils entrent en contact avec du poisson! Voici une courte vidéo: